What is the deadline to apply?

In general, taxpayers must fill out, sign, and date the application form by December 31 in order for the deduction to be applied to the following year's tax bill. The completed form must be filed with the County Auditor's office by January 5. When applying, taxpayers should be prepared to provide proof of eligibility.

Once you apply for certain deductions, you generally do not need to re-apply as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements. (However, in the case of a refinancing, a new application for the mortgage deduction is required).

If you no longer qualify for a deduction, you must notify the Auditor's office within 60 days to get the deduction removed. In the case of the homestead deduction, a property owner who changes the use of the homestead property and who fails to file a certified statement with the county auditor is liable for the amount of the deduction received plus a civil penalty of 10% of the additional taxes due.

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