What is the clean water program?
Unincorporated Porter County is regulated under the Clean Water Act (CWA). That means we are required to have a program that addresses public awareness, public participation, illicit discharge detection and elimination, sediment and erosion control practices for construction sites, long term clean water practices such as ponds and rain gardens, and setting a good example with county projects.

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1. Why was there an increase in my taxes?
2. How will the money be spent?
3. Why should I have to pay? I live out in the country and have no drainage problems.
4. Doesn't the County already have funding in place for storm water issues?
5. Do residents of Valparaiso, Portage or other Cities & Towns within Porter County have to pay the county storm water fee?
6. What is Storm Water and why is Storm Water Management so important?
7. What is Storm Water runoff?
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9. Who oversees Storm Water Operations?
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11. What is the clean water program?
12. How can I make a difference?