Why did my tax bill go up?

Many factors affect the final amount on your tax bill. You are mailed a TS-1A along with your tax bill. The TS-1A shows every category and every change that has occurred since the prior year's billing. REVIEW the information provided on your TS-1A BEFORE you call ANY County Office. This reduces your frustration of getting transferred from office to office. Each office can only answer to their particular function. Did your ASSESSMENT increase from last year and you need to know why? Call the Assessor's Office Did your DEDUCTIONS decrease and they should not have? Call the Auditor's Office Did a Fee increase from last year? If so, call the appropriate department who is charging the fee Did the tax rate change from last year? This is determined by the State. Learn more...

Tax Bills 101

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6. Why did my tax bill go up?
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