Property Tax Rates

2020 Tax Rates

The table below shows the 2020 tax rates for each taxing district, with a comparison to the 2019 rates. Scroll down for examples of how to calculate a tax bill, as well as prior-year tax rates.

Taxing District2019 Tax Rate2020 Tax Rate
Boone Township2.50032.3633
Center Township2.04362.0409
Valparaiso--Center Township3.01523.0403
Jackson Township1.58491.6175
Liberty Township1.61531.6532
Chesterton--Liberty Township2.54132.5564
Morgan Township1.50471.5436
Pine Township--Michigan City Schools1.44081.4638
Pine Township--Duneland Schools1.63211.6588
Beverly Shores1.95872.0365
Pines town1.95761.8871
Pleasant Township1.56321.6223
Portage Township1.90321.8858
Portage city--Portage Township2.82652.8146
Ogden Dunes2.15272.1792
Porter Township1.59361.6029
Union Township1.75811.6168
Washington Township1.50581.5452
Westchester Township1.72981.7896
Portage city--Westchester Township2.91782.9407
Chesterton--Westchester Township2.65592.6804
Burns Harbor2.05252.1017
Dune Acres2.06452.1247
Porter town2.89202.9505
Chesterton--Jackson Township2.53172.5444
Porter Township--West Porter Fire1.58921.5972
Valparaiso--Washington Township2.70062.7704
Valparaiso--Morgan Township2.69532.7649
Valparaiso--Center Township MTE2.04362.0409

How to calculate a tax bill

The tax rate is just one component of a property tax bill. Other factors that determine the final tax bill include the property’s assessed value (AV), tax deductions and credits, and tax cap limits.  Below are two examples for tax bills payable in 2020. (Note: These examples do not include the stormwater or recycling assessments that may be added to tax bills.)

Example 1: Land only with no deductions

The property consists of farmed land in the Jackson Township taxing district with an assessed value of $100,000 and no deductions.  

AV (100,000) X tax rate per $100 AV (0.016175) = $1,617.50 tax

(Note: Ag land falls in the 2% tax cap category so the tax is capped at $2,000 except for the portion that applies to the school referendum. In this case, the tax falls below the capped maximum).

Example 2: Business with no deductions

The property consists of a business in the Portage--Portage Township taxing district with an assessed value of $300,000 and no deductions.

AV (300,000) X tax rate per $100 AV (0.28146) = $8,443.80 tax

(Note: Businesses generally fall in the 3% tax cap category so the tax in this example would be capped at $9,000. In this case, the tax falls below the maximum).

2019 Tax Rates

Taxing District2018 Tax Rate2019 Tax Rate
Boone Township2.49062.5003
Center Township2.03042.0436
Valparaiso--Center Township3.00293.0152
Jackson Township1.55691.5849
Liberty Township1.59231.6153
Chesterton--Liberty Township2.47222.5413
Morgan Township1.52171.5047
Pine Township--Michigan City Schools1.45861.4408
Pine Township--Duneland Schools1.60431.6321
Beverly Shores1.83681.9587
Pines town1.90451.9576
Pleasant Township1.57411.5632
Portage Township1.66791.9032
Portage city--Portage Township2.61422.8265
Ogden Dunes1.97422.1527
Porter Township1.52711.5936
Union Township1.61391.7581
Washington Township1.52391.5058
Westchester Township1.69771.7298
Portage city--Westchester Township2.85162.9178
Chesterton--Westchester Township2.58152.6559
Burns Harbor2.01912.0525
Dune Acres2.02032.0645
Porter town2.77332.8920
Chesterton--Jackson Township2.46112.5317
Porter Township--West Porter Fire1.52471.5892
Valparaiso--Washington Township2.71312.7006
Valparaiso--Morgan Township2.70672.6953
Valparaiso--Center Township MTE2.03042.0436

2018 Tax Rates

The table below shows the tax rates for each Porter County taxing district. A taxing district is made up of various taxing units, such as the school, county, township, library and municipality.

Taxing District2018 Tax Rate2017 Tax Rate2016 Tax Rate
Boone Township2.49062.39392.6668
Center Township2.03041.88762.0622
Valparaiso--Center Township3.00292.83543.0323
Jackson Township1.55691.51921.5423
Liberty Township1.59231.55871.5806
Chesterton--Liberty Township2.47222.31042.4702
Morgan Township1.52171.43231.4960
Pine Township--Michigan City Schools1.45861.36361.4715
Pine Township--Duneland Schools1.60431.56611.5908
Beverly Shores1.83681.78931.9662
Pines town1.90451.81001.9420
Pleasant Township1.57411.50651.5693
Portage Township1.66791.75581.8386
Portage city--Portage Township2.61422.72012.7419
Ogden Dunes1.97422.03752.1320
Porter Township1.52711.44931.5880
Union Township1.61391.57561.6071
Washington Township1.52391.46651.5391
Westchester Township1.69771.64621.6610
Portage City--Westchester Township2.85162.81662.8105
Chesterton--Westchester Township2.58152.40792.5607
Burns Harbor2.01911.94281.9516
Dune Acres2.02031.96411.9661
Porter town2.77332.68752.7264
Chesterton--Jackson Township2.46112.29712.4563
Porter Township--West Porter Fire1.52471.45331.5515
Valparaiso--Washington Township2.71312.62162.7090
Valparaiso--Morgan Township2.70672.61402.7013
Valparaiso--Center Township MTE2.0304----

Prior Year Tax Rates

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Tables prepared by the Porter County Auditor’s Office. Source: DLGF budget orders.