Tax Deductions

Indiana offers property owners a number of deductions that can help lower property tax bills.

Property tax deductions must be filled out and filed in-person at the Porter County Auditor’s office in the Porter County Administration building located at 155 Indiana St., Valparaiso.

Documents required for filing of deductions:

  1. Homestead - Social Security and driver's license/state ID numbers for adult residents of the property.
  2. Over Age 65 - Most recent IRS Form 1040 and driver's license/state ID.
  3. Disabled Vet - Certificate of Eligibility from the Veteran's Administration office.
  4. Blind/Disabled - Most recent IRS Form 1040 and Social Security awards letter or other proof of disability/blindness.

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Note: The information on these pages is based on information available from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. These pages provide only general guidance on Indiana's property tax benefits and should not be construed as legal advice or as a final determination of one's eligibility for a deduction. Additional requirements and restrictions may apply.