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Porter County Design and Construction Standards (PDF)
Porter County Standard Drawings (PDF)

Right-of-Way Permit Application

Driveway/Approach Permit Application



Bridge 66  Environmental Documents:                                                                                                    

Preliminary Project Plans     

CE2 Release for Public Involvement      

Legal Notice of Planned Improvement


 Upcoming Bridge, Structure, Trail and Road Projects

Project Name:Estimated Letting Date:
Marquette Trail Phases 1-6  - Mineral Springs Road to U.S. Hwy 12
Phase 1 to 2Under Construction
Phase 3 to 4TBD
Phase 5 to 6Mar-2024

Roadway Improvements
CR 100 S Safety Improvement ProjectJul-2025

Bridge No. 1 Replacement - Division Rd over Crooked CreekMar-2026
Bridge No. 40 Replacement - CR 1000S over Reeves DitchMar-2023
Bridge No. 56 Replacement - CR 1050 S over Pleasant Township DitchUnder Construction
Bridge No. 66 Replacement - CR 250 W over Phillips DitchMar-2026
Bridge No. 80 Replacement - CR 300 W over Cornell DitchJul-2024
Bridge No. 95 Replacement-CR 300 S over Lunding DitchFeb-2027
Bridge No. 98 Replacement - CR 600 N over Salt CreekDec-2024
Bridge No. 1009 Replacement - Lenburg Rd over Salt CreekDec-2024
Bridge No. 110 Replacement - CR 600 E over Crooked CreekJul-2024
Bridge No. 131 Replacement - CR 200 W over Damon RunOct-2023
Bridge No. 149 Replacement - Waverly Road over the Little Calumet RiverFeb-2024
Bridge No. 150 Replacement - Mineral Springs Road over the East Arm Little Calumet RiverJul-2024
Structure LI-004 Replacement-Meridian Rd over Damon Run CreekApr-2024
Structure PI-001 Replacement-Brummit Rd over Arm 19 Little Calumet RiverFeb-2024
 Structure P-002, 150 South over Cobb CreekApr-2024
UN-003, 750 West over Roper DitchApr-2024

Bridge Rehabilitation
Bridge No. 111-Bridge Rehabilitation-CR 400 N over Crooked CreekJul-2025
Bridge No. 119-Bridge Rehabilitation-Mulberry Ave over WillowcreekJul-2023
Bridge No. 1014-Bridge Rehabilitation-Calumet Ave over CSX RailroadMay-2024
Bridge No. 1016-Bridge Rehabilitation-Route 249 over US Route 12Mar-2024