Roads & Streets

The Porter County Highway Department maintains more than 815 miles of road and streets in UNINCORPORATED Porter County. Unincorporated means outside the municipal boundaries of our cities and towns. It also excludes State Roads, US Highways and Interstate Highways. For more information please visit Who Maintains Which Roads. The Porter County Highway Department's responsibilities include:
  • Patching, resurfacing, and sealing;
  • Plowing snow and salting;
  • Maintaining necessary detours and road closures;
  • Maintaining traffic control devices, such as stop, yield, speed limit, and warning signs;
  • Maintaining all center lines, edge lines, turn arrows, school zones and crosswalks;
  • Providing any necessary assistance to police, fire, and EMS during emergency calls.
  • Limiting the gross weight of vehicles and issuing special permits under the Frost Law Ordinance (PDF).