Safety Plan (Domestic Violence)

During An Explosive Incident

  • Stay in a room with easy access to an exit
  • Ask neighbors to call police if they hear a disturbance
  • Pick a code word to use with your children, family, and friends when you need police
  • Use your best instincts and judgments to stay safe until you can escape or help arrives

Preparing to Leave the Relationship

  • If possible put aside money for this day: Credit cards, checks, bank books, etc.
  • Make an extra set of keys to the house and car - keep them hidden and accessible.
  • Make an emergency bag for yourself and children. Include a set of clothes for each, important papers (birth certificates, social security cards, list of medications, etc.)
  • Plan where you can go temporarily even if you do not think you will need to leave the home
  • Contact the local women's shelters for emotional support and information on available help and temporary safe shelter
  • Leave home if you feel you are in real physical danger. Call the police as soon as possible, 911