Services (Domestic Violence)

Client Services

  • Referrals to support groups for survivors of domestic violence
  • Information on victim's rights within the criminal justice system
  • Notification of criminal charges filed and court dates
  • Victim compensation (assist in seeking restitution for damages)
  • Attend court hearings with victims
  • Help in obtaining protective orders
  • Education on dynamics of domestic violence and its effects
  • Information on community services

The Victim Assistance Unit's responsibilities to crime victims include bringing the full impact of the offense to the court's attention, seeing that victim's rights are protected and that victims are treated with dignity and respect throughout the criminal justice process.

Community Services

  • Training, education and consultation services designed to reduce domestic violence and break the inter-generational cycle of abuse
  • Collaborate with other service providers and community organizations who assist victims of domestic violence
  • Lending library of domestic violence educational materials