Special Message to Taxpayers in the Michigan City School District

Taxpayers in three taxing districts in Porter County will receive adjusted tax bills in June due to a tax calculation error in neighboring LaPorte County.

The taxpayers affected are those in the following taxing districts:  Pine Township-Michigan City Schools, Beverly Shores, and the Pines.

The error involved incorrect homestead values, prompting LaPorte County to recertify its net assessed values (AV). As a result, previously approved tax rates were revised.

Porter County's homestead calculations were correct. However, our county was affected because the three Pine Township taxing districts are in the Michigan City School Corporation, located in LaPorte County. The school's tax rate was among those revised after LaPorte County recertified its net AVs.

The Michigan City school rate increased 0.006 cents as a result of the revisions.

After LaPorte County recertified, the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance issued amended budget orders reflecting the new tax rates for LaPorte County and other impacted counties, which included Porter County, St. Joseph County, and Marshall County. 

The table below gives an example of how the revised school tax rate affected property taxes. The examples here are based on a house assessed at $225,000, with the standard and supplemental homestead deductions applied.

Original TaxRevised TaxDifference
Pine Township -- Michigan City Schools$1,471$1,477$6
Beverly Shores$2,034$2,041$7
Town of Pines$1,917$1,923$6