Facade & Improvement Program Step-By-Step Process


  1. Review the Program Description or contact the Planning Office to see if the improvements you are considering are eligible.
  2. Define the scope of your proposed improvements. This will probably involve consulting with an architect or other appropriate design professional (for projects that do not need an architect, consult with a contractor).
  3. Complete grant application including elevations, description of work to be done, and project score sheet.
  4. Submit draft application to: Porter County Plan Commission, 155 Indiana Avenue Suite 311, Valparaiso, IN 46383 or email it to  robert.thompson@porterco.org
  5. Revise plans as necessary to meet relevant design standards from Article 8 and other applicable sections of the Unified Development Ordinance
  6. Submit final revised plans, three quotes for the full scope of work, and legal documentation to Planning Department for final review.  
  7. Application and grant agreement are presented to the Porter County Redevelopment Commission for their review and approval.
  8. Apply for a building and/or sign permit through the Building Department. Ensure all contractors are registered with Porter County.
  9. Pick up permit(s) at Building Department when notified.
  10. Construct per approved plans and call Building Department to schedule inspections as required.
  11. Finish Construction.
  12. Call the Building Department for final inspection.
  13. Request reimbursement: Submit Lien Waivers, Treasurer’s Form (to show compliance with property tax), receipts or cashed checks for completed work etc., to Planning Office
  14. Receive check from Redevelopment Commission after approval of the claim at the relevant public meeting.