Reimbursement Payments

Reimbursement Payment Process

Upon completion of the work, the owner or tenant shall submit copies of all architect’s invoices, contractor’s statements, invoices, proof of payment, and notarized final lien waivers to the County Planning Director, as evidence that the owner or tenant has paid the architect and contractor(s). You should use the attached forms for the contractor’s statement and final lien waivers. Payment will be authorized upon completion of all work items as originally approved and receipt of all of the required documents. Payments will be authorized either once or twice a month, depending on funding source and public meeting schedules.

The Planning Director may authorize reimbursement to be made in two payments, if all of the following conditions are present:

  1. The first partial payment may be made upon completion of work representing at least fifty percent (50%) of the amount specified in the Façade Improvement Agreement;
  2. The architect’s invoices, contractor’s statements, invoices, notarized final lien waivers and proof of payment for the completed work have been submitted;
  3. The remaining work is expected to be delayed for thirty days or more following completion of the initial work due to weather, availability of materials, or other circumstances beyond the control of the owner or tenant. Reimbursement for architectural services will be made at the same time reimbursement is made for improvements, and only if a Facade Improvement Agreement has been approved. Architectural services may be reimbursed, at the sole discretion of the Redevelopment Commission, as follows:
    • Concept Plans and cost estimates prepared before approval of a Facade Improvement Agreement.
    • Architectural construction drawings and specifications for the improvement to the extent required by the Porter County Building Code, prepared after approval of a Facade Improvement Agreement.
    • Construction supervision conducted after approval of the Facade Improvement Agreement.

Major changes or elimination of improvements must be approved by the Redevelopment Commission. Minor changes must be approved by the Planning Director. THIS IS A REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM – YOU MUST PAY YOUR ARCHITECT, CONTRACTORS AND SUPPLIERS BEFORE YOU RECEIVE PAYMENT FROM THE COMMISSION.