Commencement & Completion Of Work And Alterations


After the Façade & Sign Improvement Agreement is approved by the Porter County Redevelopment Commission, applicants may obtain a building and/or sign permit and begin the work. DO NOT START BEFORE – APPLICANTS WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR WORK DONE PRIOR TO COUNTY APPROVAL OF THE FACADE IMPROVEMENT AGREEMENT.



All improvements shall be completed and requests for reimbursement submitted within 180 calendar days after Commission approval of Façade & Sign Improvement Agreement unless otherwise authorized by the Planning Director for a maximum of a one (1) year extension. It shall be the applicant’s sole responsibility to make sure that all deadlines are met. All requests for extension must be submitted in writing to the Planning Director prior to the expiration of the initial deadline to complete the work and submit requests for reimbursement. If an applicant fails to comply with these deadlines or otherwise request an extension from the Planning Director, the County may terminate its obligation to reimburse the applicant.


The property owner and tenant shall be responsible for maintaining the façade, sign, and rear entrance improvements without alteration for five (5) years unless approved by the Planning Director. A restrictive covenant limiting alterations may be required by the Redevelopment Commission at the time of approval of the Facade Improvement Agreement.