Economic Development

Initiatives & Successes

Porter County is made up of several thriving communities and opportunities for future community and economic development. Economic Development initiatives and successes throughout the county are a result of excellent communication between local economic development corporations. The Porter County Economic Development Alliance provides a forum for Porter County community leaders and economic development organizations to work together toward promoting the continued economic development of Porter County.


Porter County is located approximately 40 miles southeast of Chicago. The northern portion of the county lies along the shores of Lake Michigan and includes the great dunes of the National Lakeshore and many industrial sites such as the International Port of Indiana. The City of Portage, the Town of Chesterton, Burns Harbor, Ogden Dunes, Porter, Beverly Shores, Dune Acres, and the Pines populate this northern boundary of Porter County.


As one travels south, the rolling hills of the moraine begin to define the landscape at the center of the county where the City of Valparaiso operates as the county seat. The southern portion of the county is dominated by fields of corn and soybeans upon the great outwash plain. This mostly agricultural landscape contains the two communities of southern Porter County, being Kouts and Hebron.

Property Search

To search for properties available for development in Porter County, please feel free to visit the National Development Council website.