County Government Social Distancing Practices

Social Distancing Practices For County Government Departments, Buildings & Venues: Last Updated On April 3, 2020

Last week, the Board of Commissioners developed a multi-stage plan to assure that County services will remain available to our citizens. Under the Governor’s Stay At Home Executive Order, local governments are considered essential services. To comply with the Order, and after teleconferencing with all County department heads yesterday, we have moved to stage two of our plan which includes:

  • Extending the closure of our buildings to the public through at least April 20th;
  • Reducing staffing levels at our buildings to a basic skeleton crew and when possible, allow employees to work from home so that residents can still access County government services by phone or email.
  • Requesting that our citizens be patient while accessing County services and use emails rather than phone calls to contact County departments. Citizens can find department contact information by choosing the appropriate department at DEPARTMENTS.
  • Developing a teleconferencing process that can be streamed live for critical public meetings to assure the continuity of government and pay our vendors, businesses and contractors so they can pay their employees. Continuing to provide accurate and comprehensive communications with our residents along with information about accessing county services through the County government Facebook page and on our website at CORONAVIRUS UPDATES.