Filing For Office

Information Resources For Candidates

The Porter County Elections & Registration office and the Indiana Secretary of State Election Division have provided important informational resources for candidates. It is highly recommended that you download and read these materials. Just click on the links below.

Candidate Key Filing Dates For Major Party (Democratic or Republican) Nomination:

To seek nomination in the May 2, 2023, primary election, a candidate must belong to the Democratic or Republican Party. This is determined by 1) the political party ballot requested by the candidate at the two (2) most recent primary elections in Indiana the candidate voted, or 2) the candidate files a certification from their county chair affirming their membership in that political party. The declaration of candidacy for primary nomination (CAN-42) requires the candidate to affirm their party affiliation and attach the certification, if required.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023, is the first day a declaration of candidacy for major political party municipal primary nomination may be filed. The deadline for filing a declaration of candidacy for major political party municipal primary nomination is Noon on Friday, February 3, 2023. 

Candidates for major party nomination must file these properly completed forms no later than the deadline:

Town Office Declaration Of Candidacy By A Democratic, Libertarian, Or Republican Party Candidate When No Town Primary Is Conducted In 2023:

This form is to be used by a Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, or Republican Party candidate for a town office in a town that has a population of less than 3,500 in which no town primary will be conducted. The deadline for filing is not later than NOON, August 1, 2023.

Petition Of Nomination For City Or Town Office:

Gaining access to the ballot as an independent or minor party candidate for local office has two distinct steps. 

Step One: This petition is used to nominate independent candidates or candidates of a minor political party not already entitled to have its candidates placed on the ballot. This petition must be filed for processing no earlier than January 4, 2023, and not later than NOON, June 30, 2023. 

Step Two: Once the Petition Of Nomination For City Or Town Office is certified by the Board of Elections, an independent or minor party candidate running for other local offices must then file the certified petition, the candidate’s signed consent (CAN-45), and applicable statement of economic interests must be filed later than noon, July 17, 2023.  

Municipal Primary Election Candidate Withdrawal

This form is used by a candidate for nomination who wishes to remove the candidate’s name from the primary election ballot. This withdrawal must be received by the official with whom the Declaration of Candidacy was filed not later than NOON, February 10, 2023.  

Where To File

Candidates should file at the Porter County Elections & Registration office located in the Porter County Administration Center, 155 Indiana Ave., Suite 105 in Valparaiso. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


EMAIL US if you have any questions regarding filing.