Mobile Home Transfer/Moving Permits

Under Indiana Code 6-1.1-7-10, mobile home owners MUST obtain a permit from the County Treasurer before:
  • Moving a mobile home from one location to another; or
  • Transferring a mobile home title to another owner; or
  • Changing names in any manner on a mobile home title.

The permit can only be issued if the taxes, special assessments, interest, penalties, judgments, and costs that are due and payable on the mobile home have been paid and the person requesting the permit has a state issued title, a court order, or a bureau of motor vehicles affidavit of sale or disposal. There is an additional $10.00 fee for the permit. 

The county treasurer shall issue the permit not later than two (2) business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after the date the completed permit application is received by the county treasurer. The permit shall state the date it is issued. 

Same day permits require payment by cash, money order, or cashiers check for ALL delinquent and current year taxes, penalties and fees.

A permit that is issued expires ninety (90) days after the date the permit is issued. The permit is invalid after the permit expires. If the owner wishes to move, or transfer title to, the mobile home after the permit has expired, the owner or the owner's agent must obtain a new permit.