What Are Deductions?

Indiana offers property owners a number of deductions that can help lower property tax bills.

How Do Deductions Benefit You?

Tax deductions subtract a certain amount from your property's Assessed Value (AV). For example, let's say you own a home assessed at $180,000 and you filed and qualify for the homestead deduction. Your standard homestead deduction is $45,000, and your supplemental deduction is $47,250. Without any deduction, the tax rate would be applied to the AV of $180,000. But with the homestead deduction, the tax bill is calculated based on a net AV of $87,750.

How Do You File For Deductions?

You will need to complete and file an application for each of the deductions you wish to claim with the Porter County Auditor’s office. Generally, applications must be completed, signed and dated by December 31st in order to obtain the deduction in the immediately succeeding year. The completed deduction form along with all necessary documentation, must be filed or post marked on or before January 5th. You can file the application in person or by mail to: Porter County Auditor’s Office, 155 Indiana Ave., Suite 204, Valparaiso IN 46383

For more information about the deductions that can help lower property tax bills., including downloadable application forms with instructions, choose from the list below.