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Porter County's 2020 budgets undergoing state review

After several weeks of budget hearings, the Porter County Council has adopted the 2020 budgets for county government departments. The budgets are now undergoing a state review and will be final after the state issues the Porter County budget order. To view the budgets, go to the "Budgets & Finance" link or click here. As part of the budget process, the council also reviewed maximum tax levies and estimated tax cap losses. To view the levy and tax cap report compiled by the Porter County Auditor's office, click here: 2020 Max Levy and Tax Cap Estimates for Porter County (PDF).

Auditor's Office certifies 2020 net AVs

A key figure that's used in setting property tax rates each year is the certified net assessed values (CNAVs). These values reflect the taxable value of real and personal property throughout the county. Our office certified the net 2020 AV for the county overall at $9.8 billion, which is a 2.3 percent increase over this year. The table below lists the 2020 certified net AVs for select taxing districts.

Taxing District2020 
Hebron$114 million
Valparaiso--Center Township$1.5 billion
Valparaiso--Washington Township$256 million
Beverly Shores$185 million
Pines$26 million
Kouts$84 million
Portage$1.5 billion
Ogden Dunes$149 million
Burns Harbor$588 million
Chesterton--Westchester Township$542 million
Chesterton--Liberty Township$153 million
Dune Acres$102 million
Porter$230 million

New Deed Transfer Fee Now in Effect

 A number of new state laws affecting county auditor offices took effect July 1. One of these is a deed transfer fee increase to $10 per parcel. Under H.E.A. 1427, county auditors are now required to collect the higher fee for real property conveyances, with the fee revenue used for developing and maintaining plat books. We began implementing this new fee on July 1, in accordance with state statute.

Property tax bills due Nov. 12

The fall installment of property taxes will be due Nov. 12. The table below shows the tax rates by taxing districts that are applied to the bills, with a comparison to the 2018 rates. To view our annual tax rate chart, which lists all the 2019 tax rates for all the taxing units and their individual funds, click here: 2019 Tax Rate Chart (PDF).

Taxing District2018 Tax Rate2019 Tax Rate
Boone Township2.49062.5003
Center Township2.03042.0436
Valparaiso--Center Township3.00293.0152
Jackson Township1.55691.5849
Liberty Township1.59231.6153
Chesterton--Liberty Township2.47222.5413
Morgan Township1.52171.5047
Pine Township--Michigan City Schools1.45861.4408
Pine Township--Duneland Schools1.60431.6321
Beverly Shores1.83681.9587
Pines town1.90451.9576
Pleasant Township1.57411.5632
Portage Township1.66791.9032
Portage city--Portage Township2.61422.8265
Ogden Dunes1.97422.1527
Porter Township1.52711.5936
Union Township1.61391.7581
Washington Township1.52391.5058
Westchester Township1.69771.7298
Portage city--Westchester Township2.85162.9178
Chesterton--Westchester Township2.58152.6559
Burns Harbor2.01912.0525
Dune Acres2.02032.0645
Porter town2.77332.8920
Chesterton--Jackson Township2.46112.5317
Porter Township--West Porter Fire1.52471.5892
Valparaiso--Washington Township2.71312.7006
Valparaiso--Morgan Township2.70672.6953
Valparaiso--Center Township MTE2.03042.0436

Upcoming Events

Monday, Nov. 11: County offices closed in observance of Veterans Day

Tuesday, Nov. 19: Porter County Council, 5:30 p.m.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are in the Commissioners' Chambers main meeting room, County Administration Center, Valparaiso.

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