County Code

Codification & Supplementation

The Porter County, Indiana Municipal Code, originally published by Book Publishing Company, has been kept current by regular supplementation by Matthew Bender and Company, Inc., its successor in interest.

Beginning with Supplement 8, Municipal Code Corporation will be keeping this code current by regular supplementation. This supplement brings the Code up to date through Ordinance Number 13-06, passed June 4, 2013.

During original codification, the ordinances were compiled, edited and indexed by the editorial staff of Book Publishing Company under the direction of Gwenn Rinkenberger, county attorney.

Numbering System

The numbering system is the backbone of a Code of Ordinances; Municipal Code Corporation uses a unique and versatile numbering structure that allows for easy expansion and amendment of this Code. It is based on three tiers, beginning with title, then chapter, and ending with section. Each part is represented in the code section number. For example, Section 2.04.010 is Section .010, in Chapter 2.04 of Title 2.

A title is a broad category under which ordinances on a related subject are compiled. This code contains about 15 to 20 titles. For example, the first title is Title 1, General Provisions, which may contain ordinances about the general penalty, code adoption and definitions. The titles in this code are separated by tabbed divider pages for quick reference. Some titles are Reserved for later use.

Chapters deal with more specific subjects, and are often derived from one ordinance. All of the chapters on a related subject are grouped in one title. The chapters are numbered so that new chapters which should logically be placed near certain existing chapters can be added at a later time without renumbering existing material. For example, Chapter 2.06, County Manager, can be added between 2.04,County Council, and Chapter 2.08, County Attorney.

Each section of the code contains substantive ordinance material. The sections are numbered by "tens" to allow for expansion of the code without renumbering.