Tax Sale/Certificate Sale

Porter County 2020 Tax Sale: Dec. 8-9

The 2020 Porter County Tax Sale will be conducted online this year, beginning on Dec. 8 and closing on Dec. 9. 

For information about the available parcels, registration details, lien holder responsibilities and more, please visit Porter County's tax sale vendor's website at the following link: Porter County 2020 Tax Sale. Online bidding begins at 9 a.m. Central time on Dec. 8. Please note the sale closing time for individual parcels.

The online sale will be conducted through

To view the legal notice that lists all eligible parcels for the sale: Tax Sale legal notice

Important note: The legal notice contains the parcels originally eligible for the sale. Parcels may be removed from the sale list up through the day of the sale.

Winning bidders are strongly encouraged to review their noticing and other requirements. These requirements are outlined in a "Lien Buyer Handout" prepared by the vendor who conducts the tax and certificate sales, SRI Incorporated of Indianapolis. View the handout: Lien Buyer Handout (PDF)

View a "Frequently Asked Questions" handout about Tax Sales prepared by SRI: FAQ Tax Sales (PDF)

View a "Frequently Asked Questions" handout about Certificate Sales prepared by SRI: FAQ (PDF)

To view other information about the Porter County tax sale and tax sales in general, go to the SRI webpage.