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"This is the time of year where the weather wreaks havoc on all our roads maintained by the County Highway Dept. Our drivers do their best in trying to stay ahead of the weather related issues in keeping the roads safe for the constituents throughout Porter County . In an attempt to keep the roads clean , inadvertently , they may strike and damage a mailbox or scrape some yards causing sod damage .

The policies for yard and mailbox damage are established by the Board of County Commissioners and are the policies adhered to by the Highway Dept.

For yard damage , simply call the Highway Dept. at 219-465-3570 and leave your name and address and it will be placed on a yard damage repair list . When the winter season has subsided road crews will come out and repair yard damage .

For mailbox damage ,  If you believe a plow has damaged your mailbox you must take a picture of said damage and then go purchase a mailbox of like value this also includes a mailbox mounting post if it was damaged or broken and then bring in the pictures and receipt for the purchases to the:

Porter County Highway Dept
1955 South State Road 2
Valparaiso , IN. 46385
Walk-in & phone hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM (including lunch hour)

You will then fill out a Mailbox Tort Claim and we will submit all your paperwork to our Insurance Company which will be reviewed and may be reimbursed for damages .

You have 60 days to file from said date and it takes up to 90 days to be reimbursed by the insurance company.  You are reimbursed for materials only as labor for replacing a mailbox is not included nor will the Highway Dept. come out and re-establish your mailbox. This is the Policy we follow established by the Porter County Commissioners . Any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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Al Hoagland

Ph: 219-465-3570

1955 South State Road 2
Valparaiso, IN 46385-9044