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Property Tax Bills Due May 10

  The property tax bills payable in 2019 have now been mailed. Porter County taxpayers are reminded that the first installment of property taxes is due May 10. Taxpayers can avoid a state-required penalty by paying their tax bill by this date.
   Below is a list of the tax rates that are reflected on this year's tax bills. To view our annual tax rate chart, which lists all the 2019 tax rates for all the taxing units and their individual funds, click here: 2019 Tax Rate Chart.  

 Taxing District 2018 Tax Rate   2019 Tax Rate
 Boone Township  2.4906 2.5003
 Hebron  3.1601 3.2076
 Center Township  2.0304 2.0436
 Valparaiso--Center Township  3.0029 3.0152
 Jackson Township  1.5569 1.5849
 Liberty Township  1.5923 1.6153
 Chesterton--Liberty Township  2.4722 2.5413
 Morgan Township  1.5217 1.5047
 Pine Township--Michigan City Schools  1.4586 1.4408
 Pine Township--Duneland Schools  1.6043 1.6321
 Beverly Shores  1.8368 1.9587
 Pines town  1.9045 1.9576
 Pleasant Township  1.5741 1.5632
 Kouts  1.9874 1.9957
 Portage Township  1.6679 1.9032
 Portage city--Portage Township  2.6142 2.8265
 Ogden Dunes  1.9742 2.1527
 Porter Township  1.5271 1.5936
 Union Township  1.6139 1.7581
 Washington Township  1.5239 1.5058
 Westchester Township  1.6977 1.7298
 Portage city--Westchester Township  2.8516 2.9178
 Chesterton--Westchester Township  2.5815 2.6559
 Burns Harbor  2.0191 2.0525
 Dune Acres  2.0203 2.0645
 Porter town  2.7733 2.8920
 Chesterton--Jackson Township  2.4611 2.5317
 Porter Township--West Porter Fire   1.5247 1.5892
 Valparaiso--Washington Township  2.7131 2.7006
 Valparaiso--Morgan Township  2.7067 2.6953
 Valparaiso--Center Twp MTE 2.0304  2.0436

Porter County's Homestead Credit Set

 The Porter County homestead credit rate this year has been calculated at 10.1568 percent. The credit reduces the homestead portion of property tax bills. Taxpayers who receive the homestead deduction automatically receive this county credit, which is funded through the county's local income tax.

County's Annual Financial Report now available

 The Porter County Annual Financial Report is now available. Prepared by the County Auditor's Office annually, the report details expenditures, receipts, and fund balances for all county government funds in the past calendar year. Grant information and assistance to not-for-profit entities are among the other items included. Counties and certain other taxing units are required to submit their annual reports by March 1. To access the financial reports, go to the state's Gateway informational portal by clicking here: Annual Reports.
  In addition to the financial reports, local governmental units are required to submit annual compensation reports, known as the Form 100R, by Jan. 31 each year. The public can access these reports through the state's Gateway informational portal with the following link: Public employee compensation report.


Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, April 23: Porter County Commissioners, 10 a.m.
    Tuesday, April 23: Porter County Council, 5:30 p.m. For the legal notice of additional appropriations, click here: Legal Notice
     Thursday, May 2: Porter County Commissioners special meeting, 10 a.m.
     Friday, May 10: Spring installment of 2019 property tax bills are due.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are in the Commissioners' Chambers main meeting room, County Administration Center, Valparaiso.

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