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Workshop set on deductions for veterans, seniors, the disabled

  Interested in knowing about the property tax deductions available to disabled veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities? 
   Then join us for one of two workshops at which we will explore these tax benefits, how to apply, and how the deductions can reduce tax bills. A special focus will be on the statewide changes to the deduction for totally disabled veterans.
  The workshops, free and open to the public, are being held as part of Money Smart Week®. The workshops will be led by County Auditor Vicki Urbanik on the following days:

  • Monday, April 24, 2 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library, 103 Jefferson, Valparaiso
  • Friday, April 28, 1 p.m., Westchester Public Library Baugher Center, 100 W. Indiana Ave., Chesterton.

Workshop set on "Saving and Spending for College"

   Also as part of Money Smart Week®, the Porter County Auditor's Office will host a workshop on the tax benefits of college-savings plans and available tax credits. A special focus will be on the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifelong Learning Credit.
   The "Saving and Spending for College" workshop will immediately follow the tax deduction workshop (described above) on the following days:

  •  Monday, April 24, 3 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library, 103 Jefferson, Valparaiso
  •  Friday, April 28, 2 p.m. Westchester Public Library Baugher Center, 100 W. Indiana Ave., Chesterton

"Saving Money" art contest now underway
  For the second year in a row, the Porter County Auditor's Office is pleased to be a partner in Money Smart Week®, a national effort to promote financial education across all age groups. We have several activities planned -- including our second annual "Saving Money" art contest for Porter County students in grades K-8.
                                        MSW Art Contest design 2017.gif

   Students are invited to decorate a dollar bill design (available in our office or on this site) or submit an original drawing. Students should title their drawing by completing the following sentence: "I will save my money ____."
  More information about our art contest and other events planned is on the Money Smart Week tab at the left. 

Reminder: Tax bill due date is May 10
  Porter County's property tax bills have been mailed! The first installment is due May 10. Taxpayers may pay both the spring and fall installments, or just the spring installment. Tax bills can be paid in person at the County Treasurer's Office, located at 155 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso.

Certificate Sale Update

  The Commissioners' Tax Certificate Sale was held April 11. As a result of this sale, a total of 153 properties that have been tax delinquent are, or soon will be, back on the tax rolls and up to date with their taxes. Properties that didn't sell at this sale will be eligible again at this fall's tax sale.
  Winning bidders are strongly urged to review the notification requirements and their other responsibilities now that they have acquired the liens; likewise, property owners are strongly urged to review the redemption process. This and other information on our Tax Sale/Certificate Sale page.  

Auditor's Office launches project to assist disabled veterans

  We are very pleased to announce a new initiative in the Porter County Auditor's Office involving the deduction for totally disabled veterans and veterans over 62 with a partial disability. Our research and outreach project has two objectives. First, we want to assist veterans who used to have this deduction, who later were disqualified, and who might now qualify again under the new criteria. Second, we want to identify and reach out to other disabled veterans who never previously qualified for this benefit and to assist them to determine their eligibility. More information is available on our Disabled Veterans Deductions page.

  Check out these media reports about our project: 
  ValpoLife: Auditor's Office Launches Project to Assist Disabled Veterans with Tax Deduction
  Chesterton Tribune: Disabled Vets May Qualify for Property Tax Deduction under Revised State Law
  NW Times: More Disabled Veterans May Qualify for Tax Break

Porter County 2017 tax rates

  Porter County has received its 2017 budget order containing the approved budgets, tax rates, and levies for taxing units throughout the county. Property tax rates will decline in nearly all of Porter County's taxing districts, as shown in the table below. (Please note: The state amended its originally issued budget order for Porter County on Feb. 27, with the amended rates reflected below).
  As required, the tax rate chart has been published as a legal notice prior to the release of the property tax bills. To view the legal notice, click on the following link: Porter County 2017 Tax Rate Chart.

 Taxing District  2017 Rate  2016 Rate
 Boone Township  2.3939  2.6668
 Hebron  3.0343  3.3090
 Center Township  1.8876  2.0622
 Valparaiso--Center Township  2.8354  3.0323
 Jackson Township  1.5192  1.5423
 Liberty Township  1.5587  1.5806
 Chesterton--Liberty Township  2.3104  2.4702
 Morgan Township  1.4323  1.4960
 Pine Township--Michigan City Schools  1.3636  1.4715
 Pine Township--Duneland Schools  1.5661  1.5908
 Beverly Shores  1.7893  1.9662
 Pines town  1.8100  1.9420
 Pleasant Township  1.5065  1.5693
 Kouts  1.9336  2.0775
 Portage Township  1.7558  1.8386
 Portage city--Portage Township  2.7201  2.7419
 Ogden Dunes  2.0375  2.1320
 Porter Township  1.4493  1.5880
 Union Township  1.5756  1.6071
 Washington Township  1.4665  1.5391
 Westchester Township  1.6462  1.6610
 Portage City--Westchester Township  2.8166  2.8105
 Chesterton--Westchester Township  2.4079  2.5607
 Burns Harbor  1.9428  1.9516
 Dune Acres  1.9641  1.9661
 Porter town  2.6875 2.7264
 Chesterton--Jackson Township  2.2971  2.4563
 Porter Township--West Porter Fire  1.4533  1.5515
 Valparaiso--Washington Township  2.6216  2.7090
 Valparaiso--Morgan Township  2.6140  2.7013

Source: Budget order issued by the DLGF.

Homestead compliance nets $143,394 for general fund

  We are pleased to announce that our homestead compliance program has resulted in the return of an additional $143,394 to the county's general fund. Per state law, a portion of the back taxes collected from properties improperly receiving the homestead deduction must be deposited in the general fund each year. In the photo below, County Auditor Vicki Urbanik presents the deposit receipt representing the 2016 collections to Council President Mike Jessen (at right) and Vice-President Dan Whitten (at left).

homestead 2017.jpg


 County income tax revenues rise for local units

  The following table compares two years of revenues distributed to the county and municipalities from the county's Local Income Tax (previously known as CEDIT). The State Budget Agency has certified Porter County's LIT total at $24.7 million in 2017, an increase of about 6% over 2016. The money comes from the 0.5% local income tax paid by Porter County wage earners.

 Unit  2017   2016
 Porter County  $5,160,822  $4,863,057
 Valparaiso  $2,391,006  $2,253,052
 Portage  $2,775,165  $2,615,046
 Chesterton  $984,736  $927,920
 Beverly Shores  $46,192  $43,527
 Burns Harbor  $87,110  $82,084
 Dune Acres  $13,714  $12,923
 Hebron  $280,621  $264,430
 Kouts  $141,591  $133,422
 Ogden Dunes  $83,644  $78,818
 Porter town  $366,073  $344,952
 Pines town  $53,351  $50,273


Upcoming Events

April 18: Porter County Commissioners meeting, 10 a.m.
April 21: Deadline for student artists to submit their "Saving Money" drawings to the Porter County Auditor's Office, 4:30 p.m.
April 22: Money Smart Week® begins! (through Saturday, April 29)
April 24: Money Smart Week workshop: "Property Tax Deductions for Disabled Veterans, Seniors, and People with Disabilities," 2 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library (second date: 1 p.m., April 28, Westchester Public Library)
April 24: Money Smart Week workshop: "Saving and Spending for College," 3 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library. (second date: 2 p.m., April 28, Westchester Public Library).
April 25: Porter County Council meeting, 5:30 p.m.

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