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Tax Sale/Certificate Sale

Commissioners' Certificate Sale

The Porter County Commissioners will hold a Certificate Sale on April 10, 2018 at 10 a.m. (CST) in Room 205 of the Porter County Administration Center, Valparaiso. The certificate sale will be for properties that did not sell at the most recent Tax Sale.

Minimum bids have been established for each parcel ranging from $50 to $300, based on the number of times the parcels previously were on Tax Sale and based on assessed value.

Winning bidders will need to pay by cash, certified check, or wire transfer by 4 p.m. (CST) on the day of the sale at the Porter County Treasurer’s Office. Bidders are strongly encouraged to review the bidding requirements and other pertinent information, available through the links below.

To View the Parcel List

The legal notice containing basic instructions and a list of parcels is being published three times in the Chesterton Tribune, (publication dates: Feb. 19, Feb. 26, and March 5). To view the legal notice, click here: Legal Notice  

How to read the legal notice: Each parcel on the Certificate Sale is listed in the legal notice by individual paragraphs, grouped by taxing district. The information shown is in the following order:

Sale ID Number
Parcel Number
Minimum Bid
Brief Legal Description

Please note that this list contains the parcels currently on the Certificate Sale; parcels may be removed prior to the sale.

To View the Parcel Map

To view a map of the parcels currently on the Certificate Sale list, click here: Porter County GIS Certificate Sale Parcel Map
The parcels on the Certificate Sale are highlighted in yellow and can be located by zooming in on the map or keying in the parcel number.

Additional Information for Bidders

The certificate sale will be conducted by SRI Incorporated of Indianapolis. To view a “Lien Buyer Handout” prepared by SRI, click here: Lien Buyer Handout  

To view a "Frequently Asked Questions" handout about Certificate Sales prepared by SRI, click here: FAQ

To view other information about the Porter County Certificate Sale and certificate sales in general, go to the SRI webpage by clicking here.