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The projects that are currently in progress are listed below.  Click on the project name on the left side of the map to be directed to the location and pictures of those projects.  For further details and/or questions regarding these projects, please contact the Department of Development and Storm Water Management at 219-465-3530 or email.

Projects in progress: DDSW Project Site Map 080316resized.jpg

Breyfogel Ditch:
Bank restoration project west of C.R. 625 West.  Project will protect south ditch bank from further scouring on the Breyfogel between C.R. 625 West and the Kankakee River.

Buergler Ditch:
Replacement of drainage inlet on Buergler Ditch between 625 W and 700 W, North of 600 N.

Carver Ditch:
Carver Ditch at 1500 North and 600 East.  Project will be to restore top of bank and remove the soil stock piled next to the ditch from project in mid-1990s.  Trees will be removed and drainage along the fields and roads will be improved by the project.

Crooked Creek North:
Crooked Creek at Division Rd. – Bank restoration and protection from scouring.  Ditch bank on east side is eroding and is starting to erode towards bridge on Division Rd.  Project will re-establish ditch line and protect the east bank from further erosion.

Henderson Ditch:            
C.R. 700 South at 575 West – Hydraulic analysis and culvert replacement.  Project will replace the existing tank car culvert with a larger arch pipe to relieve road flooding.  New culvert will allow for greater water volume to pass during low flow times.  

Krull Ditch:
South Wheeler – replace existing culverts under Park Ave with a larger pipe arch based from a watershed study done of the Krull Ditch.  Project is designed to help relieve flooding in South Wheeler.

Sturdy Rd. and Division Rd. Phase III:
Phase III of this project will be construction of a storm sewer from the intersection of Division Rd. and Sturdy Rd. west to Sagers Rd.  Catch basins will be constructed at the intersection of Division Rd. and Sagers Rd. to alleviate the flooding at this intersection.

Turtle Run Subdivision:
C.R. 500 North and C.R. 450 East – Swale reconstruction with check dams to slow water and prevent erosion.