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TNR Answers Community Needs
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Trap-Neuter-Return Answers the Needs of the Community

There are several amazing benefits for communities that arise after they embrace Trap-Neuter-Return. One of the most substantial ones is a resolution of the conflict that can surround cats in neighborhoods. Once residents understand that something is being done to control the cat population, they usually embrace having a Trap-Neuter-Return program.

The population stabilizes—no new kittens!
Once TNR is in place, the cats will no longer reproduce. The population will stabilize and eventually decline.

Cats become better neighbors.
Studies confirm that once TNR stops reproduction, and therefore mating behaviors, the cats’ relationship with residents improves. Colonies become quieter as behaviors like yowling or fighting stop, calls to authorities about the cats decrease significantly, and community morale improves.

TNR creates opportunities for outreach, education, and cooperation.
Trap-Neuter-Return does more than just produce immediate results and boost the cats’ public image. This community program presents a great opportunity for educating and addressing any concerns neighbors may have.  Having an open dialogue with neighbors and providing an opportunity to listen to their concerns can make a huge difference to a successful TNR program.

Usually, neighbors are relieved just to learn that something is being done to stabilize the cat population. Caregivers can also take further steps to address concerns, such as providing deterrents to keep cats out of neighbors’ yards or constructing discreet feeding stations and litter areas to gradually move cats out of areas they are not wanted.

The cats live in the neighborhood—they will be there whether they are cared for or not. Trap-Neuter-Return establishes a point of contact for concerns about the cats and for resolving any community concerns.