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Our Surrender Policies & Process
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Our Pet Surrender Process

After you have considered all other options that we have provided in the menu on the left, if you are still unable to keep your pet, here is the process you will need to follow.

PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP WITH YOUR PET EXPECTING US TO TAKE THEM.  We will not.  We have a managed intake process which you MUST FOLLOW.  DON’T wait until the last minute.  When you took your pet into your home, you became the protector of a living creature.  By planning the transition of your pet to a new home or to the shelter, you can make the change less traumatic for your pet and fulfill your obligations as a responsible pet owner.  Our intake process can take up to 10 business days, and any acceptance of your animal will be contingent upon us having available space.

Complete An Application
First, you must complete an Owner Surrender Intake Application form.  You can pick one up at the Shelter, download it on the menu on the left, or CLICK HERE to download it.  When you have completed the application, you must submit it to the Shelter IN PERSON along with your valid Indiana Drivers License or State ID.  Completing the application does NOT guarantee that the Shelter will accept your animal.  It is just the first step.  After you bring the application to the Shelter, Shelter staff will do an initial review of the application.  If the initial review of the application indicates that we MAY be able to accept your animal, we will then schedule an interview with you and your pet.  If not, then we will notify you of the reasons.  We will make every reasonable effort to schedule your interview within five business days.

When you come to the scheduled interview, please bring your pet and all medical records.  We will review the application with you, and ask follow up questions based on the information you provided.  We will review your pet’s medical records with you.  Shelter staff will conduct a behavior and medical assessment of your animal.  If we have received all necessary documentation, and are able to make a decision to accept your animal at the interview, we will notify you of that decision. 

If we decide that we are able to accept your animal, and have the necessary space available, you may be able to leave your animal with us that day.  If we do not have space on that day, we will attempt to schedule a date when you can bring your animal back to complete the surrender.

If, during the interview and animal behavior/medical assessment, more questions arise we may ask for additional information and documentation from you.  When that information or documentation is provided, we will notify you of our decision.