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Fostering: The Application Process
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Foster Application Process

We take the foster application process very seriously.  We strive to ensure that each animal finds the proper family that can care for their needs.  For a foster to be successful, you must truly understand the level of care and commitment required for a successful foster.

MINIMUM Requirements
The requirements for each foster may be different, based on the animal you wish to foster and their needs.  There are additional requirements, but the absolute minimum is:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must be a resident of Porter County.
  • You must have and present a valid Indiana Drivers License that shows your current address.
  • You must be able to house the foster animal(s) separate from your own animals.
  • You must submit a Foster Application.
  • You must allow a home visit by shelter staff.
  • You must execute a Foster Contract and Disclaimer of Liabilities.

Application Review
Upon submission of a foster application, along with all requested documentation, it can take up to two weeks for our review and verification process.  Upon review of your application, we may request additional information or require follow up visits to the Shelter.  The Shelter reserves the right to decline or rescind any foster application at any time for any reason.

Download A Foster Application
You can CLICK HERE to download and print a foster application, or you can pick up one at the Shelter. All foster applications must be turned in IN PERSON at the Shelter