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Fostering A Special Needs Pet Is A SERIOUS Commitment

Foster volunteers temporarily care for one or more shelter pets in their own homes until the pets are ready for adoption. Often, these pets are too young to be placed in the shelter or have special needs that require a nurturing home environment. Foster parents provide a clean, safe, loving environment for homeless pets and help them prepare to find a new forever home. After receiving foster care, these pets are healthier and happier, which means they are well prepared to be adopted by a loving family.

Please read all sections in the menu on the left side of this page before deciding to become a foster.

Animals who are not ready for adoption are candidates for foster care. As a foster parent, you may give a mother cat and her kittens a place to live until the kittens are old enough for the entire family to return to the shelter for adoption. You could care for a cat with an upper respiratory infection until he feels better, or help rehabilitate a dog with a broken leg that is healing. You might also foster animals that need socialization and are not thriving in the shelter environment.

Foster stays may be anywhere from two weeks to three months or more. Foster animals are matched with foster parents based on the individual needs of the pet and the experience, preference and availability of foster parents. Once you become a foster parent, we ask that you try to foster at least once every six months. The Porter County Animal Shelter places fosters year-round, but the greatest need is May through October, during “kitten season.”

Our goal is to match potential foster caregivers to the special needs of the animal. We welcome foster caregivers who are interested in helping any or all of special needs animals. Special consideration may be given to foster applicants who have previous foster experience.