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Stray Dogs
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If you see a dog you think may be lost:

First, please be very careful if you are going to try to catch a stray dog yourself. Even normally friendly dogs who are lost can be frightened and bite unexpectedly. Do you know the difference between a friendly wagging tail, and a “warning flag” wagging tail? If you are afraid, do not try to catch a stray dog. Dogs can sense your fear and are more likely to bite when they do. Also, chasing the dog may itself scare him or her, and do more harm than good.  For example, chasing after a dog can cause him to dart out into traffic, or panic and run away.  Also, we certainly do NOT advise trying to capture an unfriendly pet by yourself! That takes lots of aggressive dog-handling experience and accepting the bite risks involved.  If you can’t or don’t feel safe capturing a stray dog you see, then contact Animal Control.  CLICK HERE to find the appropriate Animal Control agency and their phone numbers.

Use extreme caution when picking up a stray dog, even when it appears friendly.  Even normally friendly dogs who are lost can be frightened and bite unexpectedly.  NEVER put an unconfined stray dog in your car, especially when there are children present.  You don’t know the dog’s current vaccination status, and scratches or bites could result in unforeseen medical consequences for you and your children.