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Litters Of Kittens
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If you see a litter of kittens:

When you find what you to believe an abandoned or stray kitten, or litter of kittens, please DO NOT grab them up and bring them to the Shelter.  We know that you have the best intentions, but you are putting the lives of those kittens at risk.

Kittens are born without the antibodies that build their immune system to help protect them from viral and bacterial infections.  Without those antibodies, their chance of survival is almost nil.  The only way they get those antibodies is from their mother’s milk.  Separating a kitten from its mother too early can be a death sentence, no matter what support we are able to give them.

If you find what you believe to be an abandoned or stray kitten or litter of kittens, please adhere to the following instructions:

  • Resist your instincts to pick them up.  You want to leave them alone because mom is probably out hunting. She’ll come back and get them.  The best thing to do is leave newborns where you find them, and check on them frequently over a several hour period.

  • The Animal Shelter WILL NOT ACCEPT litters of kittens from the public without their mother.

  • If the mother cat doesn’t return after several hours of observation, then CALL ANIMAL CONTROL.  DO NOT PICK UP THE KITTENS AND BRING THEM TO THE SHELTER!  Animal Control, in consultation with the Shelter, will determine whether the kittens are truly abandoned and should be brought to the Shelter, or they may try to locate and trap the mother.   

  • PLEASE remember that April through October is kitten season, and it is not unusual to see kittens running around.  This is normal.  We know that you want to do what is best for those kittens, so the best advice is to leave them alone.  If you think they are in danger, CALL ANIMAL CONTROL.  Animal Control will consult with the Shelter to determine what is best for the kittens.  It is NOT in the kittens’ best interest for you to intervene.  Please leave that to the experts!

CLICK HERE to find the appropriate Animal Control agency and their phone numbers.