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Stray Cats
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If you see a cat you think may be lost:

Many people allow their pet cats to spend time outdoors, so if you see a cat outside with a collar and the cat looks to be in good health, you probably do not need to take any action.  If a cat approaches you, it’s always a good idea to see if there is a collar with identification, because the cat may have gotten lost.  It never hurts to call the owner just to make sure the cat should be outside where you found him.  If you find a cat that has no identification and seems friendly but he’s skinny, has matted hair and is need of care, see if you can pick up the cat.  Many cats are feral (wild) and won’t allow you to approach them, but a lost or abandoned pet may well allow you to approach and pick them up.  If you can’t or don’t feel safe capturing a stray cat you see, then contact Animal Control.  CLICK HERE to find the appropriate Animal Control agency and their phone numbers.

Use extreme caution when picking up a stray cat, even when it appears friendly.  Even normally friendly cats who are lost can be frightened and bite or scratch unexpectedly.  NEVER put an unconfined stray cat in your car, especially when there are children present.  You don’t know the cat’s current vaccination status, and scratches or bites could result in unforeseen medical consequences for you and your children.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE A FERAL CAT.