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Have You Planned For A Successful Homecoming?
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Do You Have A Plan Ready For Your New Dog?

Here’s what you need to know to ensure you get started on the right foot, if you are planning to welcome a new dog into your home.

Have You Agreed Upon Rules and Responsibilities?
There are some very basic questions that all household members need to agree upon before bringing your new dog home.  Who will walk the dog...exercise the dog...feed the dog...and when? Which areas of the house are off-limits? Where will the dog sleep? Will the dog be allowed on furniture?  Consistency is important, so make sure everyone is onboard.

Have You Decided How You Will House Train?
Your dog may not know that it’s not appropriate to soil in the house. It is your job to teach him. Regardless of age and background, housetraining is attainable for all dogs. Proper training requires time, patience and consistency. And while some dogs will pick it up easily, others may take more time.  Crate Training is often the best choice. While learning not to soil in the house, your dog also learns to accept the crate as a safe, secure area.  CLICK HERE for more information about crate training.

Have You Planned The Introduction To Your Children?
Bringing a newly adopted dog into a household with children can be a wonderful addition for your family, giving your children a best friend for life and teaching responsibility and important life skills.  However, it also requires proper management and supervision. It is essential to keep in mind that the care of the dog is ultimately in the hands of an adult.  Dogs who have not yet been acclimated to children may find children’s body language, sounds and movements confusing or over-stimulating. Similarly, children who do not have experience with dogs will not yet know how to be gentle with their new friend.  Proper management of both the children and dog will give the best chance for a successful relationship to blossom and prevent any dangerous situation from arising.  CLICK HERE for more information about introducing your new dog to your children.

Have You Planned The Introduction To Your Resident Dog?
Welcoming a new dog into a home that already has a resident dog is exciting but should be handled with care and consideration for each dog in the home.  Dogs are like people. They are drawn to some, while others may take some getting used to, and still others may never get along. Before introducing a new dog into your family, be prepared to accept changes in your current dog. As hard as it may be to watch an animal you thought of as dominant take a lesser position in the household, it is vital that you step back and let the animals determine their social status.  CLICK HERE for more information about introducing your dogs.

Have You Planned The Introduction To Your Resident Cat?
Introducing your dog to a cat is a much slower process than introducing him to another dog.  There is a serious risk involved if you introduce these two animals incorrectly. Be sure that you go slow and follow the steps outlined below. The ultimate goal is to have your cat be confident that your dog does not pose a threat. Once this is established, the opportunity for a wonderful friendship can begin.  CLICK HERE for more information about introducing your new dog to your resident cat.