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Can You Help The Porter County Animal Shelter?

Your donations of needed supplies will help us stretch our budget!  Listed below are items that we are always in need of.  If you can help with any of these items, you can drop your donations at the Shelter during normal business hours.  CLICK HERE for our hours and location.

Ordering Online?

Many of the items on our wish list are also available for purchase online at Amazon and other web based providers.  If you want to order online and have it shipped directly to the Shelter to save time, please use this shipping address: 

Porter County Animal Shelter
2056 Heavilin Rd
Valparaiso IN 46385

fleece blankets

We are always in need of new or gently used fleece blankets and throws to keep our furry friends warm and comfortable.  FLEECE ONLY PLEASE!

paper plates

6' paper plates (6" size PAPER ONLY please)! We go through 50 to 60 a day! You can CLICK HERE to order and have them shipped to the Shelter for only $1.59 for each pack of 100. Shipping costs are additional and range between $8.75 and $7.50, based on how many you order. If you can help, you can put in a shipping address of Toni Bianchi, Porter County Animal Shelter, 2056 Heavilin Rd, Valparaiso IN 46385.

pate cat food

Canned Pate Cat Food is always on our list of needs!  Any major brand is fine, but PATE ONLY and NO fish flavors, please!

exam gloves

Controlling the spread of viral and bacterial infections is a major priority for us, and your donation of NITRILE exam gloves will help!  NITRILE ONLY PLEASE as some of our staff have latex/vinyl allergies.

dish soap

We wash every food bowl, water bowl and toy every single day so we go through a LOT of dish detergent!  We prefer Dawn dish soap because Dawn is a major contributor and supporter of wildlife rescue efforts.

flat sheets

We go through a lot of FLAT sheets, so your donation of new or gently used FLAT sheets would be greatly appreciated.  FLAT SHEETS ONLY PLEASE.

paper towels

You can only imagine how many spills and “accidents” our furry friends create for us every day, so PAPER TOWELS are always in short supply!  Generic is fine!


Linen closet overloaded with old bath towels?  We’d be more than happy to take them off your hands!  Gently used towels are always needed.  Bath size or larger ONLY please!

laundry detergent

Every sheet, towel and blanket are laundered every day, with dozens and dozens of loads every week.  Laundry detergent is a staple at our Shelter.  Any brand is fine.


Bleach is important when we do laundry to prevent the spread of viral and bacterial infections, let alone the stains that our furry friends create.  Any brand of bleach, including generic, is fine!

dryer sheets

We don’t want our furry friends to get those little static cling shocks from their warm and cozy blankets, so dryer sheets are a must at the Porter County Animal Shelter!  Any brand, including generic, is fine!