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$2 Tree Sale
April 2018 Tree Sale
We are looking forward to another tree sale on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the Porter County Expo Center!

Here is the list of trees we will have available for sale. The size is provided by the nurseries from which we order. The price will remain at $2 per tree or 10 for $20. Our goal is to provide trees at a reasonable cost to increase tree planting in Porter County. Along the way we hope to earn a little money to fund our education program for students and adults.

American Arborvitae 2-2T   12-20"
Balsam Fir 2-2T                  18-24"
Blue Spruce 2-1T                12-16"
Japanese Tree Lilac 1-0      18-24"
Nanking Cherry 1-0                2-3'
Swamp White Oak 1-0         10-16"
Sycamore 2-0                       10-16"

If you are interested in a large amount or have questions please E-mail : or call 219-462-7515 ext. 3.