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Criminal Defense Attorneys
When seeking a cash bond on assignment, counsel should verify that the defendant used this list to seek defense counsel and remind the court at disposition that she/he accepted the case semi pro bono from this list. See below to view the list of defense attorneys and their contact information.

Note: These numbers are taken from the telephone book in alphabetical order and the court makes no representation whatsoever of any indication as to its preference, their skills, their fees, or any other factor the defendant should know when choosing an attorney. Defendant should always check the telephone book and talk to others to find an attorney, and also explore hiring counsel from Lake, LaPorte, or Jasper County and should check their telephone books or the internet. These attorneys have taken assignments of the cash bond posted for attorney fees.

The following attorneys have accepted cash bonds for retainers. The Court always reserves the right to deduct court costs prior to attorney fee assignments. You should always advise the Attorney/Secretary that you are calling from the "Division 4 Bond Assignment List".

(This is not the "Court's List")

 Allen, Dale
 Berning, Dan
 Bockman, Todd
 548-2529 / 736-2529
 Boyles, Peter
 Buckley, Christopher
 Campbell, Michael
 Carmona, Gale
 462-8406 (speaks Spanish)
 Catsadimas, Nicholas
 Elwood, Ken
 Fleming, Randy
 Harper, Robert
 Ivanovich, Roseann P.
 Lake, Catherine
 (219) 661-0800
 Maas, Christina
 McClure, Scott
 Mullins, Steven
 (219) 769-2626
 Obermeyer, William J.
 Patton, Clay
 Peters, John
 Rogers, Larry
 Spence, Katrina
 Tilden, Nick
 Truitt, Bryan / Bertig, G. Anthony
 Vouga, John
 Warring, Matt