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Temporary Events
Reference for Temporary Events
Contact Mary Evett at 219-510-6059 for temporary event guidelines that include detailed requirements and instructional pictures.
  • A current food handlers' certification is required
  • A temporary food permit must be obtained from Porter County prior to setup
  • Each booth must have adequate hand washing set up, no more than 10 feet from booth and easily accessible
  • No eating or smoking with in booth. Closed drinks are allowed
  • No home prepared foods allowed. All foods must be prepared in an approved kitchen
  • Hot holding 135ºF or above. Cold holding 41ºF or below
  • Sanitizer set up at 50ppm to 100ppm chlorine (bleach) or 200ppm quaternary
  • Test strips on site to measure sanitizer
  • No bare hand contact with ready to eat foods, use gloves, tongs, deli tissue, or other suitable utensil
  • Protect foods during transportation keeping them covered and at135ºF or above or 41ºF or below
  • Store all food items off the ground (floor). This includes bagged ice and single service plates, utensils, etc.
  • An overhead cover is required over food prep areas. Exceptions may be over open flames and fryer units
  • A solid floor cover such as concrete or asphalt is required. If preparation is on grass, dirt or gravel then a floor cover must be used such as mats or platforms
  • The same ice that chills food may not be used in consumer drinks
  • Hats, hair nets, visors or scarves are required when handling food
  • Vendors must have access to a potable water supply from an approved source
  • No grease, waste water, or food debris may be dumped into storm sewers or ditches
  • When necessary, insect contamination must be prevented by approved methods