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Opening a New Establishment

opening a new establishment.pngNew and Extensively Remodeled Food Service Establishments

New construction and remodeling of any food service establishment must meet the standards described in the Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements Title 410 IAC 7-24.

Construction plans/drawings must be submitted to the Health Department for review using the standards described in 410 IAC 7-24.  An application for plan review must accompany the drawings.  Click here for a copy of the plan review application.

 The following items must be described on the drawing:

  1. Surface finishes of walls, floors and ceilings in the food preparation, food storage and utensil washing areas.  
    • Walls, floors and ceiling surfaces in food preparation, food storage and dish room areas must be smooth finished and easily cleanable materials. 
    • Wall and floor junctures must be coved.
  2. The physical placement of all equipment needed for food production, food storage, and utensil washing.
  3. A plumbing profile describing and locating hand wash sink(s), utensil washing, food preparation sink(s) and service sink(s).
    • Three compartments sinks designed for utensil wash, including bar service must be indirectly connected to sewer by an air gap. Utensil dipper wells must also be indirectly connected to sewer by an air gap.
    • A sink designated as a food preparation sink must also be indirectly connected to sewer.
    • A service sink for disposing of mop wastewater must be installed and may be directly connected to sewer.
    • Hand wash sink(s) must be available and accessible directly to food preparation and utensil washing, including bar service and may be directly connected to sewer.
    • Ice machines and ice bays must be indirectly connected to sewer by means of an air gap.  This requirement also applies to bar service area.
    • A dump sink must be installed at any bar service area for the disposal of liquid waste from customer beverages.  This sink may be directly connected to sewer.
  4. If the food service establishment is serviced by private water and wastewater systems, then the project must first be reviewed and approved by the following State agencies:
    • Onsite Wastewater System: Indiana State Department of Health at 317-233-7177.
    • Individual Well:  Indiana Department of Environmental Management at 219-464-0233 or 1-800-451-6027.
  5. Any equipment that generates excessive heat, steam, oils or odors is required to be mechanically vented meeting the standards described in the State Building codes.   
    • Dish washing machine designed for hot water final rinse sanitizing must be mechanically vented meeting    the manufacturer recommendations.

Procedure for Opening: 

  1. Review and approval of submitted plans.
  2. Construction inspection based on approved plans and design.
  3. Application for Food Establishment Permit.

For plan review questions and plan submission please contact Mary Evett, Plan Review Coordinator at 219-510-6059 or by e-mail at .