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Victims Assistance
Bri's Race

Advice for Family & Friends (Sexual Abuse)
Learn what you can do as family or friends of a sex abuse victim.

Read about the history of the Victims Assistance Unit.

If You Suspect Child Sexual Abuse
See what you should do if you suspect a child has been sexually abused.

Internship (Unpaid)

Letter From the Prosecutor
Read a letter from the county prosecutor about the Victims Assistance Unit.

Mission Statement (Criminal)
View our mission statement for victims of crimes.

Mission Statement (Domestic Violence)
See our mission statement for victims of domestic violence.

Mission Statement (Sexual Assault)
Read our mission statement for victims of sexual assault.

Myths / Facts Regarding Child Sexual Assault
Find myths and facts regarding child sexual assault.

Preventing Sexual Abuse of Our Children
Discover ways to help prevent sexual abuse of children.

Reactions to Sexual Abuse
Read about common reactions to sexual abuse.

Recognizing Sexual Abuse in Children
See how you may be able to tell if a child has been sexually abused.

Referral List

Reporting to the Police
Learn about police procedure and what you should expect when reporting sexual abuse.

Safety Plan (Domestic Violence)
Find tips for creating and executing a domestic violence safety plan.

View what services Victims Assistance offers.

Services (Domestic Violence)
See what services are offered for victims of domestic violence.

Survivors Manual for Sexual Assault
Read our survivors manual for sexual assault including myths and facts about adult victims.

The Legal System
Learn why you should have someone arrested if they've committed a crime.

What Is Domestic Violence
Discover the different types of abuse and what you should do.

Your Rights
See what your rights are as a crime victim.