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We are still processing some on time payments bearing an on time USPS postmark.

LATE PAYMENT/PENALTIES.  Our Web Site will not show late penalties incurred on November 14 for approximately 30 days.  If there are no prior delinquencies, a five percent (5%) penalty will be added if the installment is paid within thirty (30) days after the due date.  A ten (10%) penalty will be added if an installment of the tax bill is not paid within thirty (30) calendar days after the due date or there are prior delinquencies. 

TAX SALE PROPERTIES. If your property went up for bid on the October 24, 2017 Tax Sale, you MUST REDEEM your property through the Auditor's Office and therefore CANNOT pay on-line.  Your property WILL NOT display on our payment site but it will display on our history site.
Auditor's Office 219-465-3445

PRIOR YEAR Personal Property or Mobile Home
You MUST pay AFCS (888) 317-2327 directly for any amounts in collections. 



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Due Dates in 2018
Spring Installment - May 10, 2018
Fall Installment - November 13, 2018

Remember tax bills are only mailed once a year in April.  Each tax bill has 3 sections included.  

  • 1 Coupon for the Spring Installment
  • 1 Coupon for the Fall Installment

Sign-up for eNotices (Paperless Billing)
      Why sign up?
  •    eNotices help the environment
  •     You won't need to rely on the US mail, faster access
  •     You have 24/7 on-line access, you cannot misplace your bill
  •     You can link and store all your tax bills under one user name
  •     You can pay multiple accounts with one payment  
  •      Reduces costs to all taxpayers 

For those who choose to receive paper bills, please put your bill in a safe place so that you can find it for the Fall Installment and for your Income Tax Filing next year.
ALL taxpayers receive a bill.  If your mortgage company requests one, we will also provide them your tax information.

Before you dial, what is your question concerning?
Every year along with your tax bill there is a Comparison Statement (TS-1A) which compares your Assessments, Deductions, Additional Fees, and the Tax Rates from this year to last.  Please review this BEFORE CALLING.  Identify what has changed.  This will direct you to the office that can help you with that change.  This Comparison Statement may not answer all of your questions, but it will most likely direct you to the correct office to call.

How are tax bills calculated? 
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Incorrect or missing tax payments? Penalties for late payments?
       Treasurer: 219-465-3470 

Incorrect or missing exemptions/deductions on your tax bill?
       Auditor: 219-465-3445 

Questions about the assessment of your property?
     County Assessor:  219-465-3460
     Portage Assessor: 219-759-822 

SW Fees
     Solid Waste: 219-465-3694

Storm Water System User Fee
      Planning Commission: 219-465-3530

Functions of the Treasurer's Office: 

  • Mailing and Collection of Property Taxes
  • Annual Tax Sale for unpaid real property
  • Unpaid personal property and mobile home tax certification
  • Surplus Claim forms in excess of $5 
  • Delinquent Government Employee employer notification
  • Investments for the county
  • Mobile Home transfer/moving permits
  • Liquor License tax clearance forms

The Treasurer serves as Secretary of the County Board of Finance
The Treasurer serves as Treasurer of the Porter County Charitable Foundation

The Porter County Treasurer position is limited to two terms in 12 years.

Contact Us
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Michelle Clancy

Porter County Treasurer

Treasurer's Customer Service

155 Indiana Ave.
Suite 209
Valparaiso, IN 46383

Ph: 219-465-3470

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.