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Absentee Voting
 voter putting ballot into box  Did you know you can

 The Porter County Election Board Offers Early Voting.

 There are several ways to vote early:
         Absentee In-person voting (offered at 3 locations*)
Always 28 days before the Election.

 Absentee voting by Mail

                       It's as simple as filling out an Absentee application or calling to request the application.  
                  You can request an absentee for the Primary starting December 1st and the
General Election as early as June 1st. 
                       After completion of the application simply mail it to our office.  Once
it is processed, the
                       ballot will be mailed to your home or mailing address of your choice.
 Request Travel Board
  •  Must be a confined voter (unable to leave a place due to illness, injury, etc)  
  • or a voter caring for a confined person.
  • To request, simply call us at 219-465-3486 OR 219-465-3484
Why Vote Absentee?
  •  Convenient.  Vote in the privacy of your own home and/or at a time and date convenient for you.
  • Avoid long lines and/or confusion at the polling locations.

For more information on Absentee Voting contact: 

 Kathy Kozuszek
Sundae Schoon
Or come into our office at : 155 Indiana Ave, Suite 105, Valparaiso, Indiana 46383