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The Indiana Disciplinary Commission has posted the necessary form to file a grievance against an attorney online.

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The necessary forms to competently represent yourself in a Divorce can be found online. This is the Indiana Judiciary self help website. Forms for a name change, modification of child support, protective orders and other self help forms can also be found online.

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Persons who want to file a protective order with the court can save the time and expense of waiting at the Clerk's Office and filling in the paperwork by printing out the form on the Indiana Judiciary website. Petitioners seeking a protective order against another party should print out the form entitled PO-100 and read the instructions in Form PO-102.

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                                        BANKRUPTCY JUDGE POSITION

   The Judicial Council of the Seventh Circuit is seeking applicants for a bankruptcy judge
position for the United States District Court for the Northern District of lndiana 
headquartered in Hammond. Applicants must also be willing to travel to other locations in
the Seventh Circuit to handle cases as need arises. Interested applicants may obtain an
application by accessing the Court of Appeals website at www.ca7.uscourts.gov. Persons
interested in applying for this position should send their applications to:

                                                    Collins T. Fitzpatrick
                                                      Circuit Executive
                                       Judicial Council of the Seventh Circuit
                                                  2780 U.S. Courthouse
                                               219 South Dearborn Street
                                                  Chicago, Illinois 60604

   In making the appointment, applicants will be reviewed without discrimination as to race,
color, sex, religion, national origin, or disability. Applicants should be admitted to practice 
in at least one state court and be members in good standing of every bar of which they are
members.Applicants should possess and have a reputation for integrity and good character 
and be of sound physical and mental health. Applicants must possess and have 
demonstrated a commitment to equal justice under law. Applicants must also possess and 
have demonstrated outstanding legal ability and competence as evidenced by substantial 
legal experience, ability to deal with complex legal problems, aptitude for legal scholarship 
and writing, and familiarity with courts and court processes. Applicants must also possess 
demeanor, character, and personality to indicate that they would exhibit judicial 
temperament if appointed to the position of United States Bankruptcy Judge. The individual 
selected must comply with the statutory and Judicial Conference regulations regarding the 
fiIing of financial disclosure reports. The term of office is 14 years and the current salary is 

   Pursuant to Section 120 of the Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Judgeship Act of
1984, the Judicial Council of the Seventh Circuit will make recommendations to the United 
States Court of Appeals which will make the appointment. Applications are to be received 
by August 5, 2016.