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Budget and Finance Director Tiffany Johnson earns CPA

The Porter County Auditor's Office is pleased to announce that Budget and Finance Director Tiffany Johnson has been awarded her license as a Certified Public Accountant.
  Johnson, who joined the Auditor's Office in 2015, holds a variety of responsibilities in budgeting, financial reporting, excise tax calculations, and the annual TIF neutralization study.
  She is now the second CPA on staff at the Porter County Auditor's office, joining County Auditor Vicki Urbanik.

Tiffany Johnson with CPA license.jpg
Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik (left) and Budget and Finance Director Tiffany Johnson with her CPA license.

Porter County budgets adopted

  The Porter County Council on Oct. 30 adopted the proposed 2019 budgets for the county government, Recycling and Waste Reduction District, Porter County Municipal Airport, and West Porter Fire Protection District. The Council is expected to approve the 2019 Salary Ordinance at its Nov. 27 meeting.
 Check out the links below to view the county's general fund and non-general fund budgets. Please note that the budgets are still pending until after a review by the state, which will issue the final budget orders for all taxing units.

  Porter County 2019 General Fund adopted budgets
  Porter County 2019 Non-General Fund adopted budgets

  The Porter County Auditor's Office has also uploaded the budgets to the state's informational portal, Gateway, which can be accessed here: Gateway budget page.

Net Assessed Values Certified for 2019
  The Porter County Auditor's Office has certified the net AVs that will be used in the 2019 budgets and tax billing. The certified net AVs represent the assessed values adjusted for deductions, abatements, TIF values, and other factors.
  These values  will help determine the property tax rates that taxpayers will see on their tax bills in 2019. Generally speaking, higher overall net AVs tend to stabilize tax rates.
  The table below shows the total certified net AV for Porter County in tax years 2019, 2018, and 2017. More detailed information is available on the state's Gateway portal, by clicking here. Additional CNAV information is also on this webpage, under the "Property Taxes" tab.

   2019  2018  2017
 Porter County  $9,657,724,339  $9,494,630,324  $9,260,740,605

Tax distribution reports now online

  Interested in knowing how much tax revenue went to local units of government from the spring, 2018 tax distribution? You may view the reports, known as Form 22s, on the state's Gateway portal. Click here to get to the Gateway site, then select Porter County or the county you wish to view. As an added convenience to the public, we have also posted the Porter County reports on this website. Go to the "Budget and Finance" tab, then "Settlement reports." Or click here.

Local Income Taxes: In the News

  Local income taxes have been in the news recently in Indiana. Here is an update of how Porter County is affected.
  These announcements were discussed at our June 8 "Coffee with the Clerks," an outreach effort between the County Auditor's Office and local local government representatives.
  One-time distribution: The state has announced a special one-time distribution, to be paid from the state's general fund, of $21.6 million in undistributed LIT revenues due to counties. According to a memo issued by the Office of Management & Budget, this special distribution stems from problems dating back to the late 1990s in the processing of state income tax returns. Porter County will receive a total of $289,628. Half of that amount will be disbursed to the county, cities, and towns, and the other half will go toward homestead credits.
  Supplemental distribution: Porter County was one of 30 counties in Indiana to receive a supplemental distribution totaling $43,423, which has been distributed to the county, cities, and towns. Scroll further below for more details.
  2019 distribution: The 2019 distributions will be certified by the state by Oct. 1.

cwc spring 2018 2.jpgcwc spring 2018 1.jpg
Local income tax announcements were among the topics at our spring, 2018 Coffee with the Clerks.

"Saving Money" art contest winners honored

  We are pleased to announce the top student artists in our third annual "Saving Money" art contest, held as part of Money Smart Week® 2018. This year, we received 360 entries from K-8 students throughout Porter County, making the judging extremely competitive. Top honors went to the following:

Overall Top Artists: Joy Promnitz, Ethel R. Jones Elementary School, Portage; Tito Ruiz and Drew Stoner, Union Township Middle School

First Place Winners: Cameron Ensign, Porter Lakes Elementary, Porter Township; Faith Mays, John Simatovich Elementary School, Union Township; Yuki Yu, Parkview Elementary, Valparaiso

First Runner-Up: Emma Ehrhardt, Parkview Elementary; Genesee Klimczak, Union Township Middle School; Maya Lynn Moench, Porter Lakes Elementary; Sadie Robinson, John Simatovich Elementary

saving money 2018 joy promnitz.jpgsaving money 2018 union twp middle.jpg
Saving Money art contest winners: In left photo, Joy Promnitz of Ethel R. Jones Elementary holds her drawing, "Saving money is good to save for a long time." Also shown is Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik.  In right photo are the Union Township Middle School student winners: Genesee Klimczak with "Saving money is the rainbow on a rainy day," Drew Stoner with "Saving money is worth every cent when it comes to food," and Tito Ruiz with "Saving money is a good way to plan for the unknown." Also shown is art teacher Karen Blakely.

saving money 2018 parkview.jpgsaving money 2018 porter lakes.jpg
Saving Money art contest winners: In left photo are the Parkview Elementary winning students. Emma Ehrhardt holds her drawing, "Saving money is important because you need a job and a house," and Yuki Yu holds her drawing, "Saving money is important so I can have a good education. Shown with them are Parkview art teachers Lisa Thomas and Kelly Cicco and Principal Anne Wodetski. In right photo are the Porter Lakes Elementary winners. Cameron Ensign holds her drawing "Saving money is sweet!" and Maya Lynn Moench holds her drawing, "Saving money is good because you can have healthy food choices." They are shown with Auditor Real Estate Tax Deputy Jenn Denny.

saving money 2018 simatovich.jpg
Saving Money Art contest winners: John Simatovich Elementary student Sadie Robinson holds her drawing, "Saving Money is Pup-tastic," and Faith Mays holds her drawing, "Saving money is like a flying pig." Shown with them are Principal Leigh Barnes.

Porter County 2017-2018 Property Tax Rates

 Taxing District 2018 Tax Rate   2017 Tax Rate
 Boone Township  2.4906 2.3939
 Hebron  3.1601 3.0343
 Center Township  2.0304 1.8876
 Valparaiso--Center Township  3.0029 2.8354
 Jackson Township  1.5569 1.5192 
 Liberty Township  1.5923 1.5587 
 Chesterton--Liberty Township  2.4722 2.3104
 Morgan Township  1.5217 1.4323
 Pine Township--Michigan City Schools  1.4586 1.3636
 Pine Township--Duneland Schools  1.6043 1.5661
 Beverly Shores  1.8368 1.7893
 Pines town  1.9045 1.8100
 Pleasant Township  1.5741 1.5065
 Kouts  1.9874 1.9336
 Portage Township  1.6679 1.7558
 Portage city--Portage Township  2.6142 2.7201
 Ogden Dunes  1.9742 2.0375
 Porter Township  1.5271 1.4493
 Union Township  1.6139 1.5756
 Washington Township  1.5239 1.4665
 Westchester Township  1.6977 1.6462 
 Portage city--Westchester Township  2.8516 2.8166 
 Chesterton--Westchester Township  2.5815 2.4079
 Burns Harbor  2.0191 1.9428
 Dune Acres  2.0203 1.9641 
 Porter town  2.7733 2.6875 
 Chesterton--Jackson Township  2.4611 2.2971
 Porter Township--West Porter Fire   1.5247 1.4533
 Valparaiso--Washington Township  2.7131 2.6216
 Valparaiso--Morgan Township  2.7067 2.6140
 Valparaiso--Center Twp MTE 2.0304  -- 

IRS updates tax calculator, releases new Form W-4

Employees are urged to check their tax withholding to ensure that they are having the proper amounts withheld from their pay, due to the tax changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that Congress passed in December.
  The IRS has updated its tax withholding calculator, which can help wage earners determine their proper withholding. Employees who are not having enough taxes withheld might find that they owe when they file their 2018 tax returns next year. The IRS has also released a revised version of the form W-4 for employees who wish to change their withholding.
   Here is a link to an IRS article that addresses the tax changes: Updated Withholding Calculator. To view the new Form W-4 and instructions, click here: 2018 W-4.
   The new federal income tax withholding amounts were implemented for Porter County government employees beginning with the Jan. 26 paychecks. County government employees who determine that they should change their withholding should fill out a new W-4 and return it to the payroll department in the County Auditor's Office.

Disabled Veterans Deduction Changes

  Disabled veterans are urged to take note of changes in the state law regarding the deduction known as the "Totally Disabled Veterans/Veterans over 62 with a Partial Disability Deduction." Beginning with tax bills in 2018, more disabled veterans qualified for the deduction due to an increase in the limit on assessed value. In 2017, our office launched a project to identify veterans who might qualify for the deduction under the new law. More information is available on our Disabled Veterans Deductions page.

  Check out these media reports about our project: 
  ValpoLife: Auditor's Office Launches Project to Assist Disabled Veterans with Tax Deduction
  Chesterton Tribune: Disabled Vets May Qualify for Property Tax Deduction under Revised State Law
  NW Times: More Disabled Veterans May Qualify for Tax Break

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Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are in the Commissioners' Chambers main meeting room, County Administration Center, Valparaiso.

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