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Auditor's Office completes tax bill calculations

  The Porter County Auditor's Office has completed the calculations for the 2018 property tax bills and has received the required state approval for the tax data. The tax bills will reflect the tax rates contained in the county budget order issued by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance. To view the complete budget order, click here: 2018 Budget Order.
  The table below shows the 2018 tax rates for each Porter County taxing district, with a comparison to the 2017 rates. For more information, click on the Property Taxes tab at the left, then "Tax Rates," or click here.

 Taxing District 2018 Tax Rate   2017 Tax Rate
 Boone Township  2.4906 2.3939
 Hebron  3.1601 3.0343
 Center Township  2.0304 1.8876
 Valparaiso--Center Township  3.0029 2.8354
 Jackson Township  1.5569 1.5192 
 Liberty Township  1.5923 1.5587 
 Chesterton--Liberty Township  2.4722 2.3104
 Morgan Township  1.5217 1.4323
 Pine Township--Michigan City Schools  1.4586 1.3636
 Pine Township--Duneland Schools  1.6043 1.5661
 Beverly Shores  1.8368 1.7893
 Pines town  1.9045 1.8100
 Pleasant Township  1.5741 1.5065
 Kouts  1.9874 1.9336
 Portage Township  1.6679 1.7558
 Portage city--Portage Township  2.6142 2.7201
 Ogden Dunes  1.9742 2.0375
 Porter Township  1.5271 1.4493
 Union Township  1.6139 1.5756
 Washington Township  1.5239 1.4665
 Westchester Township  1.6977 1.6462 
 Portage city--Westchester Township  2.8516 2.8166 
 Chesterton--Westchester Township  2.5815 2.4079
 Burns Harbor  2.0191 1.9428
 Dune Acres  2.0203 1.9641 
 Porter town  2.7733 2.6875 
 Chesterton--Jackson Township  2.4611 2.2971
 Porter Township--West Porter Fire   1.5247 1.4533
 Valparaiso--Washington Township  2.7131 2.6216
 Valparaiso--Morgan Township  2.7067 2.6140
 Valparaiso--Center Twp MTE 2.0304  -- 

Commissioners' Certificate Sale Set for April 10

  The Porter County Commissioners recently passed a resolution authorizing a certificate sale of tax-delinquent properties that did not sell at the annual tax sale last fall. The sale will be at 10 a.m. on April 10 in the Porter County Administration Building. In accordance with state statute, the legal notice listing the parcels and the minimum bids will be published three times prior to the sale. For the notice, click here: Porter County Certificate Sale 2018.

IRS updates tax calculator, releases new Form W-4

Employees are urged to check their tax withholding to ensure that they are having the proper amounts withheld from their pay, due to the tax changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that Congress passed in December.
  The IRS has updated its tax withholding calculator, which can help wage earners determine their proper withholding. Employees who are not having enough taxes withheld might find that they owe when they file their 2018 tax returns next year. The IRS has also released a revised version of the form W-4 for employees who wish to change their withholding.
   Here is a link to an IRS article that addresses the tax changes: Updated Withholding Calculator. To view the new Form W-4 and instructions, click here: 2018 W-4.
   The new federal income tax withholding amounts were implemented for Porter County government employees beginning with the Jan. 26 paychecks. County government employees who determine that they should change their withholding should fill out a new W-4 and return it to the payroll department in the County Auditor's Office.

County's annual compensation report now available
  By Jan. 31 each year, government units in Indiana must report the total compensation paid to employees in the prior year. The Porter County Auditor's Office has filed our report for county employees. Here is the link to the page on Indiana's information portal, Gateway, where you can find the 2017 compensation reports for local government units in Indiana: Public Employee Compensation Reports.


Porter County's bond sale a success

  Porter County last fall had a successful bond sale for the $30 million County Revenue bond issue and $20 million stormwater bond issue. The bonds will fund a variety of county capital projects and stormwater projects, as approved by the County Commissioners and Council. The bond sale attracted lower interest rates than anticipated, in turn saving more than $1.5 million in interest costs. To read a statement about the bond sale, click here: Porter County Bond Sale release.
  The Porter County Auditor's Office has assumed added responsibilities related to the bond activity. Our office has implemented added internal controls to help ensure that the requirements of the bond ordinances are met in accounting, monitoring, and compliance.

Auditor Association Officers Named

   The Indiana County Auditor Association kicked off the new year with new officers elected at the fall, 2017 conference. The officers include Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik, who was last year's association secretary and is now serving as treasurer.

2018 officers.jpg
The 2018 officers of the Indiana Auditors Association are (left to right): Jennifer Flater of Clay County, secretary; Vicki Urbanik of Porter County, treasurer; Julie Fox of Marshall County, vice-president; Patty Ball of Daviess County, president-elect; and Pauline Graff of Elkhart County, president.

Disabled Veterans Deduction Changes

  Disabled veterans are urged to take note of changes in the state law regarding the deduction known as the "Totally Disabled Veterans/Veterans over 62 with a Partial Disability Deduction." Beginning with tax bills in 2018, more disabled veterans qualified for the deduction due to an increase in the limit on assessed value. In 2017, our office launched a project to identify veterans who might qualify for the deduction under the new law. More information is available on our Disabled Veterans Deductions page.

  Check out these media reports about our project: 
  ValpoLife: Auditor's Office Launches Project to Assist Disabled Veterans with Tax Deduction
  Chesterton Tribune: Disabled Vets May Qualify for Property Tax Deduction under Revised State Law
  NW Times: More Disabled Veterans May Qualify for Tax Break

Upcoming Events

  Tuesday, March 20: Porter County Council meeting, 5:30 p.m. (Note: This is one week earlier than the normal meeting date.)

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are in the Commissioners' Chambers main meeting room, County Administration Center, Valparaiso.

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by Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik.

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