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Net Assessed Values
This page contains information on the most recent net assessed values as certified by the Porter County Auditor's Office.

Certified Net AVs up 2.5%

   The Porter County Auditor’s Office certification of the net assessed values that will be used in the 2018 budgets and property tax bills shows a total adjusted net assessed value countywide of $9.49 billion as of the certification date. This is an increase of about $233 million compared to 2017.
  The certified values show that while the county’s personal property values remain relatively stable, real property assessed values jumped about 3.2%. The certified values also show the following:

  • Most taxing districts saw their net assessed value increase. However, values in 10 taxing districts decreased.
  • The certified assessed value in TIF districts totals $788 million, an increase of about $47 million compared to 2017.
  • The values include a new “municipal tax exempt” taxing district for 2018 due to an annexation by Valparaiso of agricultural property in Center Township.

  A chart of how the certified values have changed in the past 10 years is shown below.

CNAVs 2008-18.gif
Chart prepared by the Porter County Auditor's Office