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Delegates and Precincts
A. Qualifications NOTE: Precinct committeemen and state convention delegates are considered “political offices” and not “elected offices.” (IC 3-5-2-17) 

Although there is no state law requiring that a candidate for precinct committeeman or state convention delegate reside within the precinct or delegate district, state political party rules may restrict the ability of a political official who does not comply with a residency requirement to participate in party functions. Contact the Democratic State Committee or the Republican State Committee for more information on this point. 

IC 3-8-1-32 provides that: “Sec. 32. A candidate for: (1) precinct committeeman; or (2) delegate to a state convention; of a political party in the state whose nominee received at least ten percent (10%) of the total vote cast for secretary of state at the last election must comply with any candidate requirement set by state party rules.” 

B. Filing Requirements For Democratic Party Precinct Committeemen and Democratic and Republican State Convention Delegates Elected at the Primary Election Candidates for Democratic Party precinct committeeman and Democratic or 
Republican state convention delegate will be elected at the primary election to be held on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. 

The Democratic Party will elect its precinct committeemen at the May 8, 2018, primary election (IC 3- 10-1-4.5) The Republican Party will not elect its precinct committeemen until the May 2020 primary election (IC 3-10-1-4.6). 
A candidate for Democratic Party precinct committeeman or Democratic or Republican state convention delegate must file a declaration of candidacy (CAN-37) with the county election board. (IC 3-8-2-6)
Democratic candidates for precinct committeeman and Democratic and Republican candidates running for state convention delegate are not required to submit the Statement of Economic Interests (CAN- 12).

Since precinct committeemen and state convention delegates are “political offices,” an individual may run for elected office (e.g. County Assessor, Township Board) and also run for precinct committeeperson or state convention delegate. This would not be considered a violation of the state constitution’s ban on dual lucrative officeholding. A person may run for precinct committeeman and for state convention delegate, and hold both political offices simultaneously without violating the state constitution’s ban on dual lucrative officeholding. Finally, precinct committeemen and state convention delegates are not subject to the state’s Campaign Finance Act. 

The first day to submit a declaration of candidacy to the county election board is Wednesday, January 10, 2018, and the DEADLINE to file is 12:00 noon, prevailing local time, Friday, February 9, 2018. (IC 3-8-2-4; IC 3-8-2-5) A declaration of candidacy presented after February 9, 2018, at 12:00 noon, prevailing local time, will not be accepted for filing. 

The declaration of candidacy (CAN-37) is available from the Election Division’s office, on the Division’s website, and each circuit court clerk’s office. A CAN-37 is included in this Guide under the Candidate 110 Forms tab.