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Tax Sale/Certificate Sale

Commissioners' Certificate Sale

The Porter County Auditor's Office helped organize the Commissioners' Certificate Sale, which was held on April 10, 2018. The certificate sale was for properties that did not sell at the most recent Tax Sale.

Prior to the certificate sale, 16 parcels were removed from the sale because the owners paid the full taxes and penalties. During the sale, liens on 118 parcels were sold representing more than $609,000 in back taxes owed.

Winning bidders are strongly encouraged to review their noticing and other requirements. These requirements are outlined in a "Lien Buyer Handout" prepared by the vendor who conducted the sale, SRI Incorporated of Indianapolis. To view the handout, click here: Lien Buyer Handout  

To view a "Frequently Asked Questions" handout about Certificate Sales prepared by SRI, click here: FAQ

To view other information about the Porter County Certificate Sale and certificate sales in general, go to the SRI webpage by clicking here.