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Porter County Animal Shelter Donation Drive Application & Guidelines

  1. Donation Drive Application Banner

  2. Please complete and submit this application at least three weeks prior to your proposed event AND prior to generating any event materials. Once this Donation Drive application has been completed, it may take up to 5 business days for review and approval by the Porter County Animal Shelter. SPONSORS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE PORTER COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER AS ITS BENEFICIARY UNTIL THEY HAVE RECEIVED WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM THE SHELTER. The Porter County Animal Shelter reserves the right to decline any Donation Drive application for any reason. The Porter County Animal Shelter also reserves the right to withdraw its approval of a Donation Drive application at any time for any reason.

  3. If you plan to mail invitations, issue press releases, print brochures, flyers or posters, use radio, television, social media or print ads, please describe above. All publicity materials must be submitted and approved by the Porter County Animal Shelter in advance.

  4. The event/activity is your responsibility. Due to limited staffing and resources, the Porter County Animal Shelter is unable to assist in soliciting prizes, organizing publicity or providing goods and services unless agreed to in writing with the Sponsor. If you would like a representative of the Porter County Animal Shelter at your event, you MUST indicate so above. Please note that not all requests will be able to be met, as we have limited staff resources. The Porter County Animal Shelter, may or may not, at ITS SOLE DISCRETION, post your event on its website or Facebook page.

  5. Please review the following Donation Drive Guidelines and check the "I/We Understand & Agree" box under each. No application will be considered unless you do so. Adherence to these guidelines will be monitored. Failure to adhere to these guidelines WILL result in a withdrawal of approval of your Donation Drive application. In the guidelines, the term "Sponsors" means the person/organization, contact person and person accountable for submitting donations listed in this application.

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