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Sunset Hill Farm County Park


2016 Rental Agreement

2016 Rental Policies


  1. Campground (optional)
  2. Meeting Room/Program Center (optional)
  3. Parking (optional)
  4. Picnic Areas (optional)
  5. Picnic Shelters (optional)
  6. Picnic Tables (optional)
  7. Playground (optional)
  8. Pond (optional)
  9. Trails (optional)

Click here for a trail map of Sunset Hill Farm County Park 

Sunset Hill Farm County Park
is a hub of activity in Porter County. We offer a variety of events and festivals, hiking trails, camps, field trips and fitness programs year round. Whether you are a hiker or a birdwatcher, a runner or a gardener, a parent with active kids or an enthusiast of antique farm equipment, we have something for you at Sunset Hill Farm County Park.

The park began as a fully functional farm and private residence, purchased by Colonel Robert Heffron Murray and his wife, Sue, in 1934. The original property consisted of 80 acres. Within a year of living there, the Murrays had 1,000 chickens and sold eggs and broilers to local residents. During its most productive period, the farm also produced 400 gallons of milk a day.

The property continued to grow, until it reached its current size of 238 acres. After Colonel Murray passed away in 1972, his estate donated the land to Porter County. Now, thousands of people enjoy Sunset Hill Farm County Park every year thanks to his generous legacy.
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  1. Sunset Hill Farm County Park: Amphitheater

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  2. Sunset HIll Farm County Park: Campground

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  3. Sunset Hill Farm County Park: Hickory Shelter

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  4. Sunset Hill Farm County Park: Nancy Hardesty Gazebo

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  5. Sunset Hill Farm County Park: Pine Shelter

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  6. Sunset Hill Farm County Park: Program Center

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  7. Sunset Hill Farm County Park: Shelter at the Campgrounds

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  8. Sunset Hill North Field

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  9. Sunset Hill Trails

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  10. Sunset Hill: Meet the Animals

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