Traffic Ticket Deferral Program

The Porter County Prosecutor's Office operates a traffic ticket deferral program, also known as the Infraction Deferral Program. By participating in the program, you will avoid a traffic conviction and points against your license that may increase your insurance premiums.


If you have received a ticket and are interested in participating in the program, we will need to determine if you are eligible. Before you contact our office, you must meet the following initial criteria:

  • Your ticket was for a moving violation.
  • Your ticket was not associated with a personal injury or property accident.
  • Your ticket was not associated with a criminal act.
  • You have not had a traffic violation conviction during the previous 12 months.
  • You have never had your driving privileges suspended due to a traffic-related criminal act.
  • You have never had a conviction for operating while intoxicated.
  • You were not traveling in excess of 87 miles per hour (mph) or 26 mph over the posted limit.
  • The ticket was not issued for either a school zone or work zone violation.

Porter County High School students under 18 years of age are currently ineligible for the program. You cannot possess a commercial driver's license (CDL). Federal law prohibits CDL holders from participating in infraction deferral programs.

If you are a non-Indiana driver, you may be required to fax or email a copy of your driving record from your state of residence.

Program Process

If you meet these qualifications, you will need to contact the infraction deferral coordinator no sooner than 10 days before your court date. Please email the coordinator or contact by telephone at 219-465-3415. If you contact the coordinator sooner than ten days before your court date, she will not be able to assist you because the ticket may not be entered into the clerk's computer system prior to that time.

Infraction Deferral Contract Submittal

If you qualify, you will be able to complete and submit your infraction deferral contract. This can be done in the following manners:

  • Mail: Once you qualify, you will either be emailed the contract or be given a web address for a PDF file that you can download and print. You can then fill out the form and mail it with an enclosed cashiers check or money order for $252.50 payable to the Porter County clerk at the address listed on the contract.
  • Online: You can submit the form electronically by filling out and submitting the online form. Once the form is received, you will either be given an email or a web address for a site explaining the procedure for paying the deferral fee by credit card.