Associated Agencies

Porter County Division of Family & Children

The most vulnerable in our society deserve special protections. When a child is the victim of physical or sexual abuse or neglected by parents or other adults, law enforcement works with the Division of Families and Children, Child Protective Services to investigate.

A Child In Need of Services (CHINS) Petition may be filed, the child or parent may be removed from the home, and/or criminal charges may be filed. The Porter County Division of Family and Children can be contacted at 219-462-7555.

Adult Protective Services

When an adult is incapable of managing their own affairs or providing self-care, and threatened with exploitation or neglect they are considered an endangered adult.

Adult Protective Services (APS) is a specialized unit of investigators from around the state whose duty is to protect endangered adults from abuse. APS investigations may result in criminal charges being filed. The APS Office that handles Porter County investigations is located at the LaPorte County Prosecutor's Office. Contact Investigator Kristine Harlow at 219-326-6808, ext. 2420.

Nine Law Enforcement Agencies

The prosecuting attorney is the chief law enforcement officer of Porter County, commanding the assistance of nine local law enforcement agencies:

Prosecuting Attorney

The prosecuting attorney, deputy prosecuting attorneys, and investigators of the prosecuting attorney are law enforcement officers under Indiana law.

While Indiana statutes allow a prosecuting attorney to elect part-time status, all Porter County prosecuting attorneys since 1991 have been full-time prosecutors, with no private law practice. The current Porter County prosecuting attorney, Brian T. Gensel, was elected to that office in 2006.